Gascoigne Estates


Riello ultra-low NOx burners have played a key role in meeting strict emissions regulations for the Gascoigne Estates development in Barking, Essex. The burners, mounted on Hoval boilers, were specified by design and build contractor Woodford Heating and have achieved average NOx emissions of just 35mg/kWh – considerably below the ultra-low NOx threshold of 80mg/kWh.

Phase One of this regeneration project by Gascoigne Estates comprises 290 apartments served by a central energy centre. As Barking falls within the scope of the Greater London Authority’s London Plan, this meant that NOx emissions from the heating plant had to meet very strict emissions criteria (<40 mg/kWh).

Woodford Heating’s Steve Allingham recalled: “We spoke to several manufacturers and identified that Riello and Hoval were best placed to meet the emissions requirements. Once the boilers were installed, Riello engineers worked closely with us to optimise the burner performance.”

The project is using two Hoval Max 3 Plus boilers, each fitted with a Riello RS.EV BLU modulating burner with external flue gas recirculation (FGR) to reduce the flame temperature and thereby also reduced NOx formation. The RS burners use electronic cam technology to control of the combustion air/fuel ratio and the flow of recirculated flue gases. This modulating control ensures efficient combustion with low emissions at all heat loads.

The burners were also supplied with bespoke shrouds to minimise noise levels.

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