Why should your home or office have a Hoval HomeVent unit installed?


Air pollution is a commonly discussed topic, particularly outdoors with particulate emissions from cars and factories. Indoor pollution can also be an issue, impacting children the most.

Many items used within the home can impact air quality causing potential health issues. These can include wood burning stoves, cleaning products and toiletries just to name a few.

Offices can also be subject to poor quality air. If the office is situated close to a factory then pollutants like paint fumes and materials can affect office staff. This poor quality air in turn can cause more sick days obviously leading to less work output.

As well as reducing particulate pollutants the ventilation systems are effective in helping with allergies.

Why not just open a window?

It is impossible to control the quantity and quality of air by opening windows and the renewal of air is punctual and incomplete and, if outside temperature is lower than inside the heat is lost. Airing is therefore complementary to ventilation but cannot replace it. The ventilation system reduces pollutants far more efficiently than simply opening a window. Aside from these ventilation issues from opening windows it can also pose extra noise and a security risk.

Health issues

Bad ventilation can lead to various health issues, the feeling of the air being ‘stuffy’ can lead to tiredness, headaches, coughs and sneezes, dry skin and sore eyes amongst others.

Feeling of tiredness can lead to poor work performance and lack of motivation.

The aforementioned issues can be amplified within children and can contribute to asthma, skin complaints and allergies.

Property issues

Those unsightly black mould stains on the window facia and water droplets on the glass are just the start of more damaging issues that can occur from condensation. Damp issues can occur on inner walls of a property leaving yellow stains on painted walls and eventually affecting plasterboard causing expensive repair bills.

Improving air quality

Having a specifically designed ventilation system can resolve all of the previously discussed issues whilst utilising roof and ceiling space and subsequently improving air quality, work output and general wellbeing. The unit can be installed in a loft, basement, garage or utility room to remain inconspicuous whilst filtering the home, reducing condensation and bringing down pollution levels within the home or office.

Hoval HomeVent

For information on how Hoval can improve air quality in your home or office please check out our website (link below) or contact us.


Lawrence Sheppard    –     01636 593 432 (office)

                                                07870 853 121 (mobile)

See below YouTube video on the Hoval HomeVent



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