VarioVal® F

VarioVal® F

Hygienic combination storage tank with stratification principle for heating domestic water and heating water for single family homes, two-family homes - for new buildings and renovation.

Cold water is heavier and sinks down, hot water is lighter and rises to the top. The VarioVal® stratified storage tank makes use of this physical principle: it stratifies the water according to its temperature for greater energy savings.

The VarioVal® saves space: Only one VarioVal® is required instead of two separate storage tanks for the heating water and for the hot domestic water. The necessary fittings for the operation of the heating, the solar systems and the supply of hot water are mounted directly on the storage tank.

If required, the VarioVal® heats the domestic water quickly and hygienically to the required temperature via a fresh water module. This can be mounted directly at the storage tank or on the wall as well.

With the VarioVal® modular system, system solutions for singlefamily homes can be designed variably and individually, even at a later date. VarioVal® - an investment in the future.

VarioVal® FLS (content: 800 or 1000 litres) for heat pumps, oil or gas condensing boilers and integration of solar thermal systems.

Maximum efficiency through stratification
Space-saving solution for heating and hot water
Hot water for the bathroom and kitchen - quickly and hygienically
The modular system for individual solutions

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