The guidelines for ErP: All information about the label and ecodesign

About 35% of the energy consumption Europeans use for heating rooms and water. To reduce this energy consumption, the European Union has issued the Directive on Energy-relevant Products (ErP). Not only do these guidelines on ecodesign and energy consumption labelling back up the EU's climate protection goals by prescribing the minimum efficiency of heating and ventilation systems, they also make it possible to compare their efficiency levels.

What are the effects of the directives on energy-relevant products?

Since 26 September 2015, two milestones have been set in the heating technology area with regard to efficiency and environmentally friendly design. Firstly, more stringent ecodesign requirements up to 400 kW and, in addition to those, energy consumption labelling for room heaters up to 70 kW.

From 1 January 2016 onwards, the Ecodesign Directive will prescribe a minimum heat recovery efficiency and multi-stage or continuously adjustable fan for ventilation systems in non-residential buildings with an air flow rate of 1000 m³/hour or more. In addition, energy consumption labelling for domestic ventilation devices up to 1000 m³/h will follow.


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