Commercial and Office Buildings

Hoval Ltd Office Building


A Hoval BioLyt 25 wood pellet biomass boiler is now providing space heating for the company’s offices in Newark, replacing a Hoval TopGas wall-hung gas-fired boiler of similar output.

Hoval Ltd Factory


After the removal of an STU195, our very own STU600 now provides heating and hot water for the Hoval UK factory

Pinewood Studios


Hoval have provided heating and hot water to all of Pinewood Studios, as well as it's extensive water filming facilities

Draper Tools


Draper Tools in North Baddlesey benefit from three Hoval UltraGas 400 gas condensing commercial boilers

Siemens Blade Factory


In 2015, Siemens Blade Factory selected Hoval to be the supplier of ventilation and heating products. Due to the large area of the factory, a number of decentralized ventilation units were required, and due to the large openings of the building, the mechanical introduction of fresh air was not necessary.

Gascoigne Estates


Hoval boilers partner with Riello burners help to meet strict GLA emissions requirements

Merz GmbH


The company Merz from Albstadt-Ebingen is a modern supplier and contract company for mechanical components.


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