The Yorkshire Museum


The Yorkshire Museum is home to some of Britain's finest archaeological treasures from the Roman, Viking, and Medieval times and even boasts a Jurassic world, offering children and adults alike the opportunity to learn about the prehistoric age.

In 2019, we were able to provide the museum with a new heating system alongside our friends at Frogmech, a fantastic commercial heating and engineering company based in York.

Speaking about the existing products in the plant room at the Yorkshire Museum, Lawrence Walsh, Managing Director at Frogmech said: "We were asked by the museum trust to design and install a modern, reliable and highly efficient heating system within the museum.

"The existing system was dated, inefficient, and had poor control over the numerous heating zones.

"Our client wanted longevity and reduced gas consumption with better control over heating individual zones."

Before the boilers were installed, Frogmech carefully traced existing pipework runs, making repairs and improvements to damaged pipework sections throughout the museum. They renewed all pipework, valves and insulation and installed pumpsets to each heating zone.

Once all of this was done, the Hoval UltraGas 150 was able to be installed.

Lawrence Walsh continued: "As always, the only boiler we had in mind was the Hoval UltraGas. With its' robust steel shell and aluminium/stainless steel heat exchanger, we knew we could install these boilers and not think about replacing them for the next 30 years, which is exactly what was asked for by the client.

"We worked together with Hovals commissioning engineer who was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and professional. With some fine tuning between boilers and controls, we are completely confident that the boilers are working at the highest efficiency possible, which offers out client huge reductions in gas and electrical consumption, reliability and peace of mind.

"We always aim to completely blow our clients away with the quality of our installations, and for us at Frogmech Ltd, Hoval deliver these results with their equipment and services time after time, which is why we continue to use them without hesitation."


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