Belaria® twin I/IR (15-30)
Casing made from steel/plastic profile frame.

The robust design, including the thermal separation of the internal space, ensures maximum sound and heat insulation.

Large evaporator

with low pressure loss.

Cold circuit

with refrigerant R407C, controlled by an electronic expansion valve.

RPM-regulated centrifugal fan.

Very quiet and efficient.

Left or right positioning of air outlet possible.
2 Scroll compressors

for excellent efficiency and low-vibration operation.

System controller TopTronic® E

makes ecological, economical, reliable and smart heating easier than ever before.

Belaria® twin I/IR (15-30)

2-stage heat pump in monoblock design for indoor installation; for renovations and new buildings.

Belaria® air/water heat pumps use energy from the free ambient air for room and water heating. In this way, they are highly efficient and offer an attractive price/performance ratio.

  • Indoor installation
  • Broad power spectrum of between 8 and 30 kW
  • 2 compressors resulting in 2 output stages
  • Optional cooling function (IR models)

Technical data Belaria® twin I/IR

  • Heat output: (1st/2nd stage): 8.0/15.9 - 15.2/30.4 kW
  • Weight: 350 - 485 kg
  • Dimensions (W/H/D): 1200/1630/780 - 1300/1935/980
Use of ecological ­environmental energy
Top marks in cost effectiveness
Compact and complete
Extremely quiet ­operation

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