BioLyt (50-70)
Motorised, mechanical cleaning facility

for minimal maintenance.

Thermolytic heating surfaces

with self-cleaning effect for consistently high efficiencies.

Horizontal burner tube

ensures very low emissions.

Fully automated pellet suction system

allows the storage facility to be positioned with ease.

Pellet hopper

provides an intermediate storage container.

Hot air gun

for a fully automated burner start.

Large ash box

for longer intervals between cleaning.

The suction fan

creates a stable vacuum in the combustion chamber

Jets for secondary air

enhance combustion efficiency

Screw for ash removal

for minimal maintenance

Speed-controlled feed screw

controls the rate of modulation

Feed shaft

and motorised shut-off ball valve for double burnback protection

Motorised insertion screw

ensures optimal pellet delivery

Primary ventilation fan

for optimised combustion

BioLyt (50-70)

Environmentally friendly and innovative wood pellet boiler. Suitable for new build and existing system upgrades with easy access.

As a compact power pack, the BioLyt offers numerous innovative construction details that make it an ideal choice, especially for upgrades. With its small footprint, the BioLyt is sure to find space in any plant room when replacing a boiler. The boiler body, trim and control are delivered separately and mounted on site in just a few steps. Even in cramped conditions, the boiler can be easily introduced into building systems.

Very low environmental impact
Rapid return on investment
An ideal choice when updating your system
Easy to use and reliable

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