MultiVal CRR

MultiVal CRR

Calorifier with 2 heat exchangers (coil) for heating using 2 heat sources. The primary heat generator is usually a solar energy system. Any heat generator (e.g. heat pumps, biomass boilers, condensing gas/oil boilers) can be used as the additional heat source. Supplementary heating can optionally be provided by an electric heating element or an integrated heat pump (CombiVal WPER).

  • Calorifier and plain-tube heat exchanger made from high-quality stainless steel
  • Plain-tube heat exchanger at the top for supplementary heating via boiler (wood pellet, log, condensing oil or gas boiler)
  • Patented flat-tube heat exchanger at the bottom for heating by means of the solar energy system
  • Electric heating element available for additional heating
  • Low heat loss owing to highly effective thermal insulation
  • Flange opening can be used for cleaning or for installing the electric heating element
  • MultiVal CRR (300-2000) - 2 heat exchangers 0,6-1,7 m2 und 1,2-4,0 m2

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