PowerBloc combined heat and power plants

Combined heat and power (CHP) plants take advantage of cogeneration to generate both electricity and usable heat. This takes place as close to the heat
consumer as possible. The result is a very high primary energy efficiency of up to 103%. By comparison, conventional power plants such as large-scale
gas-fired power plants only achieve a primary energy efficiency of 30 to 50% and lose the majority of the energy as waste heat. This waste heat is used in
the combined heat and power plant as heating energy to heat water, for instance, or as process heat for industrial operations. The electricity produced is
used in the plant's own building or fed into the public utility grid in return for remuneration to the energy supplier.

Whether using a combined heat and power plant to generate heat and power for one multi-family dwelling, for an entire housing development, a commercial building or an industrial process, Hoval offers solutions designed for exceptionally cost-effective operation with natural gas, biogas or also liquid gas - with 5 - 531 kW electrical output and 18 - 603 kW thermal output.

Our CHP Units are now G99 Certified. Find out more here.

PowerBloc (12-20)


Compact combined heat and power plant for operation with natural gas, biogas or liquid gas with 5–20 kW electrical output and 18–43 kW thermal output for medium-sized buildings such as blocks of flats, hotels, schools, healthcare facilities, commercial facilities and industrial buildings.

PowerBloc (43-531)


Gas combined heat and power plants for natural gas, biogas or liquid gas in many output levels from 26-531 kW electrical output and 43-603 kW thermal output for medium and large buildings as well as heating networks.


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