PowerBloc (12-20)

PowerBloc (12-20)

Compact combined heat and power plant with modulating output and condensing technology for operation with natural gas, biogas or also liquid gas

Electrical output: 5–20 kW
Thermal output: 18–43 kW

Application area:
Medium-sized buildings 
with an annual heat demand from approx. 150 000 kWh and annual electricity consumption from approx. 85 000 kWh.

  • Residential buildings
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Commercial facilities

Special features:

  • Modulating output
  • Condensation design
  • Quiet operation and small footprint
  • Long service intervals and automatic oil change
  • Can be operated with biogas or gas from purification plants
  • Complete turnkey solutions

Our CHP units are now G99 Certified. Find out more here.

High total efficiency thanks to modulation and condensing technology
Low maintenance costs thanks to long service intervals and automatic oil change
Primary energy and emissions savings
Complete, installation-friendly solution

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