Large, almost borderless collector area

for maximum solar yield

Solar safety glass with antireflective coating

for maximum efficiency (standard surface for UltraSol)

Heat insulation

made from mineral wool

Built-in hydraulic connections

for quick and simple installation and reliable connection of even large collector areas.

Full-surface meander absorber

for a uniform flow

4 hydraulic connections

for maximum flexibility


The solar energy system uses free, sustainable solar energy to heat water and even the building itself – an excellent reason to choose an economical, environmentally friendly system like this one. The Hoval UltraSol solar collector offers a flexible solution, as it can be installed both horizontally and vertically. Its low construction height, plus the option of an extra-slim diecast aluminium frame and the antireflective solar glass, combine to form a remarkably sleek yet discreet look. 

The UltraSol collector is subject to annual minimum yield requirements of 525 kWh/m2, and offers even more good news in this respect: not only does it easily meet the criteria, it even has been granted Solar Keymark certification.

UltraFix installation concept 

The installation concept for the UltraSol collector is as simple as it is ingenious. It is based on a flexible framework with special aluminium holding tube profiles. The concept is available for all on-roof, flat-roof and free-standing installations. Once the basic framework is stable, final assembly of the collectors is performed with ease using plug-in connections. The only tool that is needed is an Allen key to fasten the clamping elements.

Technical Data:

  • Solar keymarks yes
  • Efficiency up to 85,1%
  • Total surf. area 2,52 m
Using clean solar energy efficiently
High solar yield saves on heating costs
Flexible design and installation
One installation system for all collectors

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