TopGas® Gas condensing boiler
Exhaust/fresh air connection

enables operation independent of the room air.

Condensation heat exchangers

made of corrosion-resistant materials with excellent thermal conductivity for high energy yields.

Efficient grid burner system

provides for clean and low emission combustion.

Air blower

for optimised combustion

Control panel with electronic heating circuit control

Practical and compact – everything integrated in a single housing.

TopGas® classic 35 - 720kW

High quality and compact.
For multi-family homes and commercial applications.

Efficient and thus economical gas condensing boiler technology in a small space – this is the big advantage of the Hoval Top-Gas® wall-mounted boiler.

Hoval gas condensing boiler technology uses heat energy 15 % more efficiently than the latest generation of low-temperature boilers.

Available as an individual boiler 35-120kW, in back to back or in-line cascade arrangements from 60 to 720kW.

Low in emissions and fuel consumption
Savings with energy costs
Compact, complete system
Top quality