UltraSol® 2 thermal solar collector
4 hydraulic connections

for maximum flexibility.

High efficiency

through patented WLT® (heat conduction technology) process.

Homogeneous collector surface

through patented WLT® (heat conduction technology) process.

Solar safety glass

with antireflective coating for optimum efficiency.

Thermal insulation made from mineral wool.
Full-surface meander absorber

for a uniform flow.

UltraSol® 2 thermal solar collector

High-output flat plate collector for using solar power to heat water. Vertical or horizontal design, size approx. 2.5 m². Range of applications:in-roof, on-roof, flat-roof or facade installation – for new buildings and renovations.

Why to choose solar Energy?

The solar energy system uses free, sustainable solar energy to heat water and sometimes even the building itself – an excellent reason to choose an economical, environmentally friendly system like this one. The Hoval UltraSol® solar collector is a flexible solution.

With its heat exchanger in the form of a collector pipe meander, every UltraSol® 2 collector has four connections. The two versions – vertical or horizontal – enable you to design the collector field to suit your requirements. Integrated in a slanted roof, elevated or mounted on a flat roof: the hydraulic integration of the collectors can be tailored to any situation. The material packages provide peace of mind when it comes to planning and installation and can be ordered in next to no time.

Unique production ensures durability.
Powerful system ensures maximum solar yields.
Modular combination options in the heating system.
Four connections enable flexible installation.

First-class production and system

First-class materials and workmanship guarantee a long service life and consistent quality. Using the clinch method, dimensionally stable aluminium profiles are joined together with positive-locking connections to create the frame. This means no additional material, no welding and no soldering and results in better corrosion resistance – something which is also ensured by means of the WLT® method, which connects the coated aluminium absorber to the copper tube heat exchanger. The collectors are joined to each other with high-quality, metal-seal squeezing ring screw connections. 

In the patented WLT® method, a special heat conduction plate connects the absorber to the heat exchanger using its full surface – not at just isolated points. The flow through the heat exchanger is optimised, and the solar heat is transmitted more efficiently and evenly. In this way, the UltraSol­® 2 achieves maximum solar yields over the course of the year. What’s more, the UltraSol­® 2 cuts a fine figure – with its low frame height of 65 mm, it blends perfectly into the roof. Thanks to the WLT® method, the absorber is almost as smooth as a mirror and rounds off the collector’s attractive appearance perfectly.


Unique control system

The UltraSol® 2 from Hoval is the ideal environmentally friendly complement to a heating system. It allows you to use free solar energy to save on heating costs and conserve resources. If the heating system is from Hoval as well, efficiency and uniform operation are guaranteed. The TopTronic® E system controller ensures that all components work together efficiently, while the overall system ensures that the energy is used in the best possible way.