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Replacement burners
We don't only supply new boilers. We're able to quote for high quality burners to improve energy efficiency, increase reliability and reduce NOx. We are also able to calculate estimated annual savings on site, when comparing a new burner to your existing burner. 

Contact us to find out more. 


Degassing is a process that has been used successfully for many years, mostly in small systems, but in the last few years it has been expanded in the industrial sector.
Working with Hoval partners, the process removes Oxygen and Nitrogen from the system. By doing this, it protects systems from corrosion and increases the heat transfer rate of the system water.

This process is suitable for low temperature boiler systems only, i.e. with a flow temperature of less than 90°C,  

The degassing offers reliable protection against air problems in large and small systems. De-gassing systems are found in the widest range of buildings: centrally heated residential and industrial buildings, district heating systems, greenhouses, lawn heating systems in football stadiums, closed cooling circuits and especially in systems with cooling ceilings.

To find out about typical energy savings for your system, contact us today.


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