Free TTE Gateway


Free TopTronic®E online Gateway Box

For all three, five and ten year Service Contracts a free TopTronic® E online Gateway box¹ will be supplied together with a licence key to provide a connection to the website. Using the Hoval App you will then have remote access to your Hoval TopTronic® E controlled equipment via your Smartphone, tablet or PC for enabling, monitoring and for making minor changes to heating programmes and room temperatures².

Furthermore in the event that a problem arises Hoval UK will monitor e-mail alerts from your equipment³ and contact you to discuss what action needs to be taken³.


¹ A maximum of eight TopTronic® E  controlled heating or cooling devices can be connected to a Gateway box. An internet connection is to be provided by the end user into the Plant room and the Gateway box can be supplied as a LAN type (for connection to an internet router via a LAN cable) or as a WLAN type (for wireless connection to an internet router) depending on site preference. In order for the Gateway to be able to monitor all TopTronic® E controlled equipment, three core CAN bus cabling (linking all  the equipment together) is also to be provided by the end user together with a 230V power supply socket adjacent to the Gateway box.  The CAN bus cabling may already have been fitted as part of the original installation.

The Gateway will then be set up free of charge by a Hoval Engineer.

² Dependant on the installation. Minimum operating systems for the Smartphone App are either Android 4.3 or for Apple IOS 7.1.

³Only applicable whilst a three, five or ten year Service Contract is in place.


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