Service Kits

It never hurts to be well prepared

We can't think of any particular reason why your UltraGas or TopGas boiler should break down, especially if you hold a Hoval Service Contract, but just in case, and the worst does happen; it makes sense to have the relevant parts handy.

Hoval Service Kits contain all the necessary spares that will be needed for a standard service so parts will not go to waste, even if you don't need them in that emergency situation. When our Hoval engineer attends for a service, we will use these parts and replenish the necessary items, just in case.

This will reduce the time it takes for spares to be supplied, which means your boiler can be up and running again faster, and ensure you are prepared for any situation with your boiler, come rain or shine!
At Hoval we are passionate about giving our customers the best service all year round. Customers with a Hoval Boiler Service contract can benefir from a 10% discount on a range of Service Kits available. We are able to match a service contract package that best suits you and your equipment.

To find out how you can get the best performance from your Hoval equipment, contact us today on 01636 593 412 or email

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