Be Ultra Safe with our new UltraSafe® 10 year warranty

Available for our UltraGas® boiler

BIM drawings for our UltraGas®, Biomass and EnerVal boiler range are now available

Hoval Supports True Heroes Racing

Hoval are proud to sponsor True Heroes Racing, a racing team founded as a way of rehabilitating injured soldiers.

Solutions Now Live

Introducing our Smallest CHP yet...the EG20

Experts in commercial heating

For over a century we have been designing, building and installing commercial boilers in the UK. Read about our journey or watch our short film entitled ‘A proud boiler making History’

Customer focused and solution orientated

We are committed to improving service and overall levels of customer care. Read our Customer Care Charter to see what you can expect to receive.

Product Solutions for projects

Efficient and clean systems for industrial, public and residential buildings. Check out case studies and our references.


View our extensive range of premium products

We can provide equipment for any large project

PowerBloc CHP

Simultaneous heat and electricity production - keeping emissions at a minimum.

Output: 20 to 530 Kwth/E 

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