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Efficiency and Comfort: Hoval’s Solutions for Small Sites

As one of the UK's leading manufacturers of heating and ventilation equipment, at Hoval we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and offer solutions for sites of any size. While we are known for our large-scale projects, smaller sites, such as primary schools, care home, veterinary clinics, community centres and libraries are equally important to us. Our commitment to sustainability and innovation ensures that every installation, regardless of scale, benefits from cutting-edge technology and efficiency.

Tailored Solutions

Flexible outputs and compact designs. Hoval offers a wide range of products and solutions to suit any site, no matter the size.

Sustainable and Energy Efficient

Our advanced technology and options for future fuels make achieving environmental goals and reducing carbon emissions easier for small sites.

Comprehensive Services

Hoval offers a variety of tailored service plans, and our dedicated service, spares, and technical teams provide expert support.

Tailored Solutions

Hoval’s TopGas and UltraGas 2 gas condensing boilers are ideal for smaller sites. The TopGas is available with outputs starting from 35kW going up to 120kW, with options for cascade arrangements up to 720kW. The UltraGas 2 delivers outputs from 125-3100kW, and its compact dimensions make it a great choice for sites without a large plant room. Some models are even small enough to fit through standard doors, meaning transport is easy. 

In addition to our efficient gas condensing boilers, Hoval offers advanced hybrid systems that combine the best of conventional and renewable energy sources. Our hybrid systems, such as the integration of the UltraGas 2 with the Belaria fit air source heat pump, maximise energy efficiency and sustainability. These systems intelligently switch between gas and renewable energy based on demand and availability, ensuring optimal performance and reducing carbon footprint.

Alongside our heating solutions, we also offer the CabinSlim, which is an alternative to the traditional plant room. For sites that don’t have space inside for a dedicated equipment room, or where the plant room is not easily accessible, the CabinSlim is a permanent external plant room, which can be installed either next to the building or on the roof. It is easily transported, quick to install, and protects equipment from adverse weather conditions, making it a perfect choice for small-scale needs.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Sustainability and energy efficiency are crucial for all sites, but smaller sites without dedicated design teams may find it more challenging. Hoval products are built with environmental consciousness at their core. The TopGas and UltraGas 2 are excellent examples, featuring state-of-the-art condensing technology that significantly lowers energy consumption. Additionally, the UltraGas 2 is certified to run on biomethane and a 20% hydrogen blend with only minor modifications. This future-ready quality reduces carbon footprints and avoids costly future upgrades. 

Hybrid systems integrating the UltraGas 2 and Belaria fit is another great environmentally conscious solution from Hoval. This allows sites to maximise their renewable energy usage but still ensure peak demand is met efficiently, making Hoval an easy choice for small sites looking achieve their environmental goals.


Hoval solutions offer excellent value for money, particularly for small sites where budget considerations are paramount. The advanced condensing technology incorporated in our gas boilers reduces energy consumption, leading to savings on energy bills.

Or, if achieving environmental goals is the priority, choosing a hybrid system from Hoval is a great solution. By combining the heat pump and condensing boiler, you are able to use a significant amount of renewable energy, without the high cost and space requirement of a heat pump only solution. These future-ready designs minimise the need for expensive upgrades, ensuring long-term cost-effectiveness.

Comprehensive Support and Maintenance

Alongside our products, Hoval provides a range of service options tailored to your needs, which ensure your equipment continues to meet the highest expectations. As the manufacturer, we offer expert knowledge with the most up-to-date training, so you can be confident that your equipment is running at peak performance and efficiency and is compliant to any relevant regulations. Regular servicing means any concerns can be addressed in advance, avoiding costly future maintenance, and our friendly aftersales team will get these planned in advance so there is no compromise on quality or time.

Our service and spares teams will attend to any unexpected needs, while our technical team is on hand to help guide you through minor issues and routine checks. These services can be particularly beneficial to small sites who may not have dedicated facilities managers or specifically trained maintenance teams.


TopGas - wall mounted condensing boiler for heating and generating hot water

Wall mounted condensing boiler for heating and generating hot water. Efficient and therefore economical in the smallest of spaces. The heating energy is used 15% more efficiently than with a low-temperature boiler of the latest generation.

Due to their compact dimensions with shallow depth, the TopGas boilers require particularly little space. Whether in the basement, attic, or boiler room, the TopGas can be easily mounted on the wall and save valuable floor space.

Able to fit through every door and staircase, therefore particularly practical for renovation. Installation is also simple: TopGas condensing boilers are delivered fully equipped and can be installed quickly thanks to the colour-coded plug-in system.

UltraGas 2 - floor mounted highly efficient condensing boiler for heating and hot water

Hoval's latest generation of gas condensing boilers for heating and hot water, and now certified to operate on 20% hydrogen blend and biomethane fuels, enabling users to 'future-proof'.

The original UltraGas condensing boiler has been proving its excellence for over 20 years. Built to last, delivering the highest efficiency and offering cost effective performance. 

  • Output ranging from 125kW to 1550kW, and 250kW to 3100kW as a double boiler
  • Compact transport and installation dimensions
  • Any flow/return temperature (Delta T)
  • Maximum operating temp up to 95°C
  • Patented TurboFer heat exchanger
  • 10 year heat exchanger warranty

Hybrid Systems - efficient, sustainable and reliable hybrid gas boiler and heat pump system

Hoval hybrid systems can offer a sustainable solution while enjoying the advantages of condensing technology. Combining the UltraGas 2 condensing boiler and different heat generators, such as the Belaria fit air/water heat pump is easy, and suitable for projects up to 2 MW. the TopTronic E system control integrated into the boiler ensures that all system components work optimally together. The complete system is then more carbon efficient that a fossil fuel only solution.

  • Efficient - optimal efficiency thanks to inverter technology which allows progressive adaptation of its power from 40 to 100%
  • Modular - ability to combine multiple of the same product, or different products into one system
  • Durable - operation with R32 refrigerant offering a reduced environmental footprint
Are you looking for heating solution tailored to your small site? At Hoval, we specialise in understanding your unique needs and delivering customised solutions that prioritise comfort and energy efficiency. Whether you're managing a compact residential nursing home or a cozy community centre, our expert team is here to assist you. Reach out to us today to discover how we can support your requirements.