SR-plus (8bar) & SRH-Plus (10bar)

411 to 4150 kW.

The SR-plus is a high efficiency, low NOx boiler ranging from 411 to 4150 kW. It is a well proven steel shell boiler on oil, gas or oil and gas dual fuel. It can also be offered in stacked heatpack format (from 2 x 500kW). The SR-plus is based on the proven reverse flame pattern of firing ensuring near complete combustion.

ErP Directive

After the 1st January 2018, smaller SR-plus (up to 400kW output cannot be supplied even as an identical replacement boiler, other than as a spare part.


The above directive is intended to help improve air quality by limiting emissions from all boilers and generators sized at 1 MW or 1000 kW or above.*

Eventually all boilers and generators will be covered by this directive but IMPORTANTLY any plant that is installed and commissioned after 20th December 2018 will have to comply with emission limit values that have been set and defined for NEW plant or equipment. Boilers installed and commissioned prior to this date will be classed as Existing plant or equipment and will be subject to less rigorous emission limit values and will not require permitting immediately.

Hoval have therefore reviewed the models that will be affected under this new directive to ensure that all boilers likely to be commissioned after this date will fully comply with the new emission limits. This has had some impact on both the models we now offer and some of the maximum outputs stated in our technical data. It is therefore very important that boilers purchased before the directive comes into force are suitable if then commissioned after the implementation date indicated.

*Based on heat input, net calorific value basis.

For further information on the above, please contact Hoval Technical

Low NOx emissions
Low heating costs
Suitable for oil, gas or dual fuel firing
Reliable and long lasting