The perfect solution for Large Space Heating in Warehouses

August 1, 2019
Hoval has launched a modular, scalable solution for heating and ventilating warehouses and other ‘shed’ type buildings of any size and height, providing significantly improved control of thermal stratification compared to conventional systems.
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Heating controls - a work in progress

February 22, 2019
Selecting energy-efficient plant is just the first step in efficiency, how it’s controlled through its life is just as important. *Kevin Stones illustrates this principle with reference to cascade heating systems
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Pollution in the working area – what you need to know.

August 6, 2018
Pollution in the working area depends on the air flow concept as well as the type, arrangement and magnitude of the heat loads; beyond that, it depends on the type and arrangement of the air outlets. For example, pollution levels up to 100% with mixed ventilation can be reduced to below 10% using alternative air flow patterns.
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Taking control of heat network optimisation

July 9, 2018
Achieving optimum performance in heat networks requires close attention to system design alongside integration and control of diverse heating technologies. Geoff Lord, Technical Sales Manager at Hoval UK, explains
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Stratification or Mixing Ventilation? The ultimate guide for HVAC planners

June 22, 2018
The selection of ventilation and air conditioning systems for production halls with extensive heating loads has always been a challenging part of planning and design. Our ultimate guide will highlight some of the major differences, and help you find the best solution for your project. The first...
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Comfort ventilation: hype or necessity?

April 13, 2018
Hardly any new building can do without controlled ventilation. Due to new buildings being so well insulated for energy reasons, there is no spontaneous exchange of air. So what about old buildings? Does it make sense for them too?
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Heat Networks.. the FAQ's

March 6, 2018
District heating is set to play a key role in the UK’s carbon reduction strategy and is also central to the European heating and cooling plan. In this blog we answer Heat Network FAQ's, and discuss the importance of District Heating.
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Who and what causes mildew, and how can you prevent it?

February 10, 2018
It's a common misconception that mildew only occurs in old buildings. Where there is moisture, the furry fungus can sprout. Are the inhabitants to blame for not airing out the building enough? Architects who plan incorrectly? Or negligent contractors?
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How can hotels and hospitals reduce their power and heating costs?

December 15, 2017
Hotels, hospitals and nursing homes consume huge amounts of energy. Programmes are used to keep consumption under control, and energy efficiency is the top priority when it comes to investment decisions.
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Busting the myths surrounding heat pumps

October 23, 2017
Heat pumps are more in demand than ever before: they supply heat efficiently and are environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, the more popular they become, the more quickly myths spread concerning their characteristics and operation. In this article, we’re going to straighten things up.
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Why decentralised ventilation could be the answer for larger spaces

October 20, 2017
Factories, warehouses and other ‘shed’ type buildings provide special challenges for HVAC systems. Eduard Kovac explains how decentralised ventilation units can meet many of these challenges
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Controlling The Cascade

August 5, 2017
When operating heat sources in cascade configuration it’s important to design and configure the system to get the most from each source...
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Maximising Benefits from Heating Upgrades

April 26, 2017
When the time comes to replace heating equipment, or to install a completely new system, there are a number of factors that will contribute to a maximum return on that investment. Ian Dagley discusses the most important considerations
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Taking control of IAQ

April 11, 2017
There is growing concern in the UK about the levels of air pollution in our cities and the possible implications for health, but what many people don’t realise is that the pollution inside our buildings can be as much as 100% worse than outside air. How can we fix this?
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Getting the best performance from Biomass

March 27, 2017
Confirmation from the Chancellor that the RHI will be retained means that building operators can continue to maximise their benefits from biomass heating – as long as they address some important criteria.
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Optimising District Heating

March 15, 2017
As district heating systems/heat networks gain in popularity it’s important to ensure they deliver optimum performance. This will only be achieved through close attention to every aspect of the system design
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How important is good Indoor Air Quality?

February 27, 2017
We spend more than 80% of our time indoors, and take 15,000-20,000 breaths per day. So it may come as a surprise to you that the pollution indoors could be up to 100 times worse than outdoor pollution. The air in our homes, offices and schools has a huge impact on our health, so it is...
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Ventilation systems for Warehouses: should you go natural or mechanical?

February 15, 2017
Climate technology in a warehouse has to be able to provide supply air and dissipate heat loads and/or pollutant loads. In principle, air flows can be transferred in two ways: either mechanically by ventilation and air-conditioning units or without machines by means of free (natural) ventilation using pressure differences. These pressure differences are created inside the warehouse by heat released during the production processes (negative pressure) and outside by wind pressure.
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Smart heating for offices which pays off, with reduction of costs by up to 30%

January 30, 2017
The investor's and developer's goal at the beginning of every project is quite obvious: To build or renovate the building using modern technologies. Execution costs often play a huge role in the decision-making process. However, this innocent idea does not always lead to the expected savings. One such project is the redevelopment of the historic building in the center of Prague.
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Avoiding Legionella contamination in your hot water

January 6, 2017
An improper micro climate with little air filtration can encourage the growth of a huge amount of contaminants, including the Legionella group. Read our tips on how to avoid these contaminants in your heating system.
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