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Hoval announces new generation UltraGas boiler

Hoval announces new generation UltraGas boiler

Hoval has launched UltraGas 2, the latest generation of gas condensing boilers, which brings even higher efficiency to the popular features of the first UltraGas generation.

UltraGas 2 models are available with output ratings from 125kW to 1550kW (250kW to 3,100kW as a double boiler), and in 10 bar versions for 720, 1100 and 1550kw units.

UltraGas 2 boilers are designed for easy integration with existing systems and have the ability to work with any flow/return temperature difference (Delta T) for optimum flexibility. With a maximum operating temperature of 95Deg.C they are ideal for use in district heating/heat networks applications, and in future will also be able to operate on biomethane and hydrogen.

At the heart of the new design is the patented Hoval TurboFer heat exchanger, which combines a unique design with special injection technology to generate turbulence on the heating gas side. This turbulence increases heat transfer and boosts efficiency by as much as 20% compared to conventional gas boilers.

Other UltraGas features include high and low temperature return flow, a large water capacity, the Ultraclean combustion system and the TopTronic E system controller.

Thanks to the standardised Hoval TopTronic E controller, UltraGas 2 boilers can be easily combined with any type of heat generator and solar energy system to create an integrated heating system where all the components work together to optimise efficiency.

Ease of installation has been a key element in the design, so there is no need for system components such as a circulating pump or hydraulic separator.

The amount of pipework in the TurboFer heat exchangers has also been reduced to minimise weight, resulting in a lightweight, compact design. For example, models up to 450kW are less than 800mm wide and will fit though a standard door, while the small footprint means that larger models take up half the space of other gas condensing boilers.



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