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Ideal climates in production halls

Production halls have very particular requirements when it comes to indoor climate – in both winter and summer.

First, the quality of the products must be guaranteed and second, employees should be able to enjoy a pleasant working atmosphere. That’s why Hoval air-conditioning solutions not only heat and cool the halls, but also keep the air quality high by ensuring a continuous exchange of air. This means that employees are no longer affected in their daily work by air impurities generated in the production process. In addition to air quality, temperature is also a key factor in creating a pleasant indoor climate. The indoor climate solutions from Hoval use both central and decentralised heat generation to ensure that production halls are maintained at a perfect temperature, via a heat pump, for example. However, these systems not only ensure pleasant temperatures in winter through heat generation, but also by using waste process heat. Using this waste heat also improves energy efficiency and reduces operating costs. This is a good investment that more than pays for itself over time. 

The experts at Hoval will be happy to advise and support you during planning and implementation.

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