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Perfectly cooled data centres: protection for digital information

Highly efficient cooling and fresh ambient air are the top priority in data centres when it comes to ensuring constant equipment performance.

When combined, the many components, such as computer hardware, routers, other network equipment, security systems, storage devices, management systems, software, applications and energy management equipment, generate huge amounts of heat. 
 To keep the ambient air within an optimum range for the information technology, Hoval has produced optimum, highly efficient solutions for cooling data centres.  
Hoval ServeLine, the specific cooling system for data centres, was developed with this specific application area in mind: the system offers a completely dependable cooling function yet is extremely energy-efficient at the same time. This comprehensive system uses different resources, depending on the location and actual environmental conditions:

  • Indirect free cooling 
  • Adiabatic cooling 
  • Mechanical cooling via cooling coil 
This configuration means there is no need for mechanical cooling for 97% of the entire lifetime.