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Hygiene comes first: heating and domestic hot water in hospitals

High-quality indoor climate solutions for hospitals, care facilities and healthcare establishments – to ensure that safety and hygiene is the top priority.

Hospitals, care facilities and nursing homes have high demands when it comes to indoor climate.

In healthcare facilities, hygiene measures are given the highest priority – with the constant aim of protecting patients and promoting a speedy recovery. The Hoval system solutions provide adequate heating and hygienic domestic hot water both day and night. High-quality materials and mature technology protect against legionella bacteria. This results in an environment that promotes healing and recovery. If there is a change in the output, for example, if another storey is added to a building, the system can be expanded at any time. Solutions with a double boiler or combined heat and power plants increase system resilience while regular servicing from the Hoval customer service team ensures efficient and reliable operation all year round.

Together with our installation partners, we will be happy to advise and support you during planning and implementation. 

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