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Focused in the classroom, active in the sports hall: with an indoor climate solution for schools.

The focused and healthy way to learn is in a classroom with a pleasant temperature and sufficient fresh air.

Many schoolchildren sit in classrooms with elevated CO2 concentrations, which can often cause tiredness or headaches. The solutions from Hoval provide a remedy for this, but that’s not all: while comfort ventilation systems supply fresh air and recover room heat, heat generators also provide heat output for rooms and domestic hot water – including for sports venues with sanitary facilities. No matter the size of your school, sports hall or gymnasium: a pleasant indoor climate supports both learning and movement. Intelligent combinations and hybrid systems using renewable energy sources are both an investment in the children’s future and a way to counteract the scarcity of resources.

We will be happy to help you plan and implement a custom solution for your school building or sports facilities – together with our installation partners.

Learn more about suitable products for heating, ventilation and cooling in schools and sports facilities