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Complete solutions for district heating and local heating networks.

With Hoval, you can operate a local heating or district heating network and keep an eye on everything with the right control system.

Local and district heating networks have a future. Hoval brings this future into today.

Anyone operating a heating house needs reliable and powerful technology. Substations deliver heat to the buildings connected to the network, which then no longer require their own heating system. The Hoval customer service team is available at any time to ensure that all connection points are working efficiently. The system is supported by the Hoval control system, which visualises all components on the PC monitor.

The distinguishing feature of this system is that you are provided with an overview of all processes in the heating house – from heat production and performance indicators to distribution. The control system can bring a number of benefits, including a shorter payback period.
Hoval specialises in finding the ideal solution for every requirement by using its comprehensive and innovative product range and its many years of experience and expertise in system technology. The experts at Hoval will be happy to advise you.

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