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An indoor climate that lets you breathe easy – more than just a heating system for your office.

The right indoor climate in the workplace boosts comfort and productivity.

Create an optimal indoor climate and therefore a working environment that promotes productivity and comfort.

A Hoval system solution for office buildings maintains an optimal indoor climate in the workplace: depending on the size of the building, one or multiple heat generators ensure pleasant temperatures – in both summer and winter. A mechanical ventilation system is an ideal option as it ensures efficient heat recovery and prevents valuable heat from being lost. The humidity recovery system integrated in the unit as standard keeps the air humidity at an optimal level – this kind of ventilation prevents irritated eyes and mucous membranes, particularly in winter. In addition, a pleasant indoor climate considerably improves employees’ ability to concentrate, while also reducing the risk of headaches and respiratory problems. Smart controllers and a customer service team available around the clock ensure that the system operates reliably and efficiently.

Hoval specialises in finding the right solution, even for complex requirements. Together with our installation partners, we are available at any time to help with anything from advice and implementation to annual maintenance.

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