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Heating for your hotel – a secure investment in comfort.

An indoor climate solution that underscores your hospitality: Hoval’s heating, cooling and ventilation systems for hotels.

A feel-good atmosphere for your guests: The perfect indoor climate for your hotel comes from Hoval - customised heating, cooling and ventilation.

Your guests will benefit from the same comfortable atmosphere they enjoy at home. The solution from Hoval comes from a single source: high-quality products are brought together to form an overall system that always provides plenty of domestic hot water – including at peak times – and meets all hygiene requirements. For example, legionella bacteria in the water do not stand a chance. In the summer, the superior indoor climate solutions ensure that the rooms are air-conditioned appropriately. The Hoval solutions boast an impressively small carbon footprint and efficient operation – ensuring sustainable heating for your hotel, resort or other hospitality establishment.

Benefit from greater reliability. With individual advice and optimal service, the heating system in your hotel will work perfectly and you can focus on making sure your guests are happy. The Hoval experts can draw on many years of experience and a wide range of innovative products to create a custom indoor climate solution for your hotel.

Learn more about suitable products for district heating and local heating: