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Sponsored by Hoval

True Heroes Racing

True Heroes Racing was founded in 2012, and uses the world of Motorsport to enthuse and refocus wounded, injured and sick UK service personnel & Veterans. They aim to help them gain a renewed sense of direction, improved social skills and exposure to new experiences and technical skills among like-minded people with UK military backgrounds.

They have gone from strength to strength, and through the help of sponsors, have been able to increase initiatives and offer more unique opportunities to all involved.

Newark Town Football Club – Under 16s Girls

The interest in women's sport continues to rise.
Increased broadcasting of Women's football has been fantastic to see and now, quite rightly, women's games are discussed in the media along with Men's.

The girls playing today are our stars of tomorrow and we have decided to sponsor Newark Town under 14s girls football club. These girls are ambitious and skilled and we hope they continue to enjoy their sport. 

We recently provided the girls with Winter coats to see them through the cold season. We wish them good luck in their upcoming matches.

RHP Colts U7

We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring RHP Colts U7, a local football club that promotes sportsmanship, teamwork, and fun for young players. RHP Colts U7 is part of the YEL East Midlands Saturday league, and they have shown great potential and passion for the game.

By supporting RHP Colts U7, we hope to contribute to the development and well-being of the next generation of footballers and citizens. 

Telford Tigers

Telford Tigers is a British ice hockey club (with two teams, 1 and 2) playing in the National Ice Hockey League. Telford Tigers were formed in 1985 and have a loyal fan base from across Shropshire, Mid Wales, the West Midlands and beyond.

We wish them well in their current season and look forward to following their progress and news. Good Luck Tigers!