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b.r.e. Installations expands its range of products to include a hall air conditioning solution

b.r.e. Installations expands its range of products to include a hall air conditioning solution

b.r.e. Installations and Hoval are happy to take on new challenges. Together, they created the well-thought-out Hoval indoor air conditioning system, which was particularly easy to install.

  • Warehouse & Logistics Center
  • Renovation
  • Indoor Climate System
For 35 years, b.r.e. Installations has been taking care of the concerns of private individuals and companies in the region and does not shy away from continuous development and keeping up with technology. This was also the case in the course of the heating renovation at conveyor technology specialist Klatt, which became a prime example of new ways of working together between all those involved in the project. "What was needed was an economical solution with the most self-sufficient use possible and a high level of reliability," says Christian Raidel, shareholder of b.r.e. Installations GmbH, summarizing the requirements for the project. Together with Hoval, a well-thought-out overall system for optimum temperatures was developed in the halls of HÖRMANN Klatt Conveyors GmbH.

Hoval and b.r.e. Installations developed a sophisticated indoor climate solution for HÖRMANN Klatt Conveyors GmbH.

The 4,600 m² building consists of a warehouse, a production facility, a final assembly hall and office space. Instead of using gas, the company now heats and cools with nine TopVentTP Devices and ten heat pumps. Sufficient green electricity is provided by the expansion of the existing photovoltaic system. "We are thrilled to see the benefits of the implemented solution for our customer Klatt – and with comparatively little effort for us, even though we are breaking new ground with this type of hall air conditioning," says Raidel.

The well-thought-out planning made it possible for those involved to be fully informed about all steps in the project at all times.

Easy and quick installation of the hall air conditioning solution

In addition to powerful and efficient air distribution, the TopVent TP Devices with a particularly easy installation. The plug-in pre-installed devices with integrated measurement and control components enable cost-effective, fast and uncomplicated planning, installation and commissioning of the system.
"The planning with Hoval was so well thought out that we and the electrician knew exactly which steps were to be carried out, in which order and at which location. As a result, we were not only able to save a lot of working time, but also materials," says Christian Raidel with satisfaction.

Christian Raidel from b.r.e. Installations is pleased that the effort required to install the hall climate solution was significantly lower than expected.

The units themselves and the associated air source heat pumps are mounted on the ceiling or roof. "The rooftop units don't take up any space in the hall. Even during installation, it was not necessary to interrupt ongoing operations," says the installer, highlighting another advantage. There was no need for elaborate renovation work or ventilation ducts. "We installed an indoor air conditioning system with significantly less effort than expected – this experience makes us fit for further projects of this kind," says Raidel happily.

Total solution for heating and cooling

An optimal indoor climate is also becoming increasingly important for industrial companies – not only in offices, but also in production, logistics and warehouses. With the current project, b.r.e. Installations gained important experience. "This aspect was particularly exciting for us and offers enormous potential for expanding our offering. We were able to offer our customer a total solution. The team knows each other and everything comes from a single source," says Christian Raidel, emphasizing the advantages of the system. Another advantage is the simple and trouble-free integration of the Hoval solution into existing HVAC control and control systems. If the temperature falls below or above the set target temperature, the system reacts automatically and starts heating or cooling.

With the project at HÖRMANN Klatt Conveyors GmbH, b.r.e. Installations gained valuable experience in the implementation of hall climate solutions.

Perfect collaboration from planning to commissioning

The installation company has been a partner of Klatt for many years and has been involved in this project from the very beginning – just like Hoval. "At Hoval, we're not just a number, we're a true partner. From the very beginning, we were supported every step of the way and there was always someone on hand – from planning to commissioning," says Raidel, who is looking forward to further hall climate projects. "With the Klatt project, we now have a great reference project that shows that an investment in modern technology pays off." And the customer is also enthusiastic about the optimal hall climate. He is looking forward to further reducing his carbon footprint, which benefits the company in international project tenders in the field of material handling.