Department contacts


For all enquiries please call 01636 672 711

Sales Department (Heating Technology)

Matt Watson
Sales Office Manager - HT
Phone: 01636 593 409

Sales Department (Climate Technology)

Stuart Hartley
Climate Technology
Phone: 07792 401 516

Sales Department (Energy Recovery)

Eduard Kovac
Manager for Energy Recovery
Phone: 07971 399 833

After Sales Department

Lisa Ward
After Sales Team Leader

For service contracts and
extended warranties
Phone: 01636 593 407
or 07957 654 071

Service Department

Mark Evans
Head of Service

For service department enquiries
including repairs or breakdowns
Phone: 01636 593 413
or 07772 465 832

Spares Department

Becky Halley
Service & Spares Office Manager

For spares department enquiries
and parts:
Phone: 01636 593 412 or
07875 563 082 (Tracey Hardwick)

Technical Department

Martin Murrish
Product / Technical Manager

For technical enquiries regarding
product and plant room
Phone: 01636 672 711
or 07976 361 028

Projects Department

Jonathan Radford 
Project Manager

For project enquiries

Phone: 01636 672 711
or 07791 582 232

Accounts Department

Mandy Long
Company Accountant

For accounts enquiries

Phone: 01636 593 433

Business Development Department

Derek Richardson
Business Development Manager

For business development enquiries
Phone: 07976 360 958

Marketing Department

Natalie Hughes
Marketing Co-ordinator

For marketing enquiries
Phone: 01636 593 403

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