History of Hoval in the UK

Hoval Ltd, based in Newark-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire, is the UK arm of the international Hoval Group based in Liechtenstein. Hoval, as a company in the UK and as a wider Group, is internationally regarded and recognised as a true leader and innovator in the field of commercial heating and ventilation. A wide range of products and technologies is available today – from the highly regarded UltraGas and UltraOil commercial boilers through to the cutting edge of air-to-air heat recovery technologies for the Ventilation and Air Handling Unit industry. The Hoval brand name was registered in 1945 and is privately owned by members of the original family. It has subsidiaries in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, China and the UK. The Company has agencies and licensees in other countries and has an international reputation for high quality, high efficiency and environmentally advanced products.

Hoval Ltd designs and manufactures commercial boilers including steel shell and pre-mix gas condensing boilers, solar thermal systems, calorifiers, pressurisation equipment as well as a wide range of diverse ventilation and air heat recovery technologies. The Group is recognised as a leading European pioneer and innovator in environmentally friendly heating and cooling systems.

Hoval originally entered the UK in 1958 and purchased the Farrar boiler works in Newark in 1961. It is from the same site that the UK business is still run today. The original Farrar boiler works was established in Newark in 1887. The works then supplied boilers and heating equipment to the extremities of the British Empire for 80 years prior to Hoval acquisition - surviving near misses from bombing raids of the Second World War as well as manufacturing military ordnance during both world wars.

Consequently, as a company steeped in engineering tradition, Hoval Ltd enjoys the enviable position as one of the nation's leading suppliers of heating equipment to the Building Services Industry. The Company has installed commercial boilers and related equipment for a wide spectrum of clients in many walks of life including hospitals, prisons, sports stadia, schools, commercial office developments, hotels, museums and many other buildings of size and note.

Today our UK manufacturing is still based on the original Farrar site in Newark. We continue to build our highly regarded SR, ST and STU steel shell boilers for supply throughout the UK which we often install alongside our wider range of heating technologies, such as the UltraGas, UltraOil or Biolyt boilers, that are designed and manufactured in other Hoval factories throughout Europe.

For many years the UK business also manufactured bespoke pressure vessels for industry. However, this activity has ceased in recent times. In its place a new generation of highly sophisticated air-to-air heat exchanger manufacturing activity has evolved.

Hoval’s corporate philosophy talks of ‘responsibility for energy and environment’. This is best demonstrated by the Company heating and powering its own offices and Works with biomass boilers and CHP engines – all built by us and installed by us of course.

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