Key Brand Values

Responsible for energy and environment. This is the basic philosophy that Hoval has been working with for several years. In no way is this a slogan for the company or just lip service; it indicates a commitment that is taken seriously and dictates the whole way of thinking and acting.

In the area of heating and ventilation technology, Hoval pursues ambitious targets: developing pioneering solutions and achieving success. Guaranteeing the customer measurable added value with innovative "Hoval easy systems" – added value in respect of handling, operational comfort and costs. Achieving the lowest impact possible on the environment through optimum energy exploitation.

The transformation of these objectives into practice is apparent from the products themselves. Take for instance innovations such as the Hoval STU which broke new ground in 2005 as a pioneer of wood pellet boiler technology. Hoval's renewable energy programme includes heat pumps, solar energy systems and a wood-fired boiler programme. The Hoval UltraGas® AM-C pre-mix condensing boiler to 2000 kW output is a leading product both in the UK and across europe providing state of-the-art operation and the highest efficiency gains.

With around 1,900 employees, Hoval is not a large company, but it sees itself rather more as a large, globally-oriented and active family. With its individual style which is supported with passion, personality, commitment and contentment, it strives to impress its customers with its solutions and products. On this basis, a philosophy has emerged from conviction and drive in action.

Our approach also lends clear contours to entirely different, simple and central values: we are friendly and family-run, responsible, solution-oriented, sophisticated, expert, enthusiastic and technology-driven.

This shapes a culture in which the men and women at Hoval enjoy participating day by day.


Energy efficiency and alternative energy sources are at the centre of our corporate development – helping to save you money and sparing raw materials.

Solution oriented

We offer solutions tailored to your particular needs. It goes without saying that this also means providing systems that are easy to commission and operate.


We attach great importance to the quality of our products, consultation and services. As suppliers of complete solutions, we often exceed our customers' expectations.

Technology driven

We are open to unusual innovations and ideas, which can in turn, benefit your project.

Expert & enthusiastic

The training and skills of the Hoval staff are the foundation of your satisfaction. Dedicated engineers guarantee sophisticated solutions – without compromises.

Friendly and family-run

As a family-run company, we are honest and sincere in our dealings with our employees and with our customers and suppliers.

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