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CabinSlim Cabin Boiler Room

Compact 'plug & play' central unit for outdoor installation, which is primarily used for heat preparation. Depending on the specific project, it can contain all the components and elements needed not only for heat production, but also for hot water preparation and safe operation.

Cabin boiler room: durable and efficient solution

Hoval CabinSlim are an alternative to a traditional boiler room especially for industrial heating and the residential sector. They offer a complete outdoor solution for the production of heat and domestic hot water, which is:

  • autonomous and flexible, can be installed outside the building - next to the building or on the roof
  • tailor-made - perfectly adapted to energy needs and space requirements
  • ready to plug in

Hoval cabin boiler rooms are a permanent source of heat for existing buildings, where boiler rooms can be very difficult to access and replacement of the heat source is almost impossible. Or for new buildings with a lack of space for a standard boiler room. Do you need to use the spaces in your building more for garages or commercial purposes? Then CabinSlim is the most suitable solution.