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Comfort ventilation. A comfortable climate around the clock.

Whether integrated in the cabinet, upright, horizontal or wall-mounted – comfort ventilation from Hoval can be adapted to the environment as required.

HomeVent comfort ventilation from Hoval – for enhanced comfort within your own four walls

Clean, fresh air even with windows closed – with controlled residential ventilation, you can create a healthy and comfortable climate in your home. The air undergoes continuous exchange through state-of-the-art technology: automatic, demand-based and virtually silent. This is how sustainable and easy to use ventilation can be today. The integrated heat recovery function means no valuable heating energy is lost. And you never need to worry about draughts, pollen, dust, insects or traffic noise again.

The integrated humidity recovery system keeps the air humidity at an ideal level, making a key contribution to a healthy indoor climate. Efficient technology from Hoval saves more energy overall than is required to operate the ventilation system.

Due to their compact design, the HomeVent comfort ventilation units also offer flexible installation options. Whether in the cellar or living area, the ventilation unit fits in any standard European cabinet and is suitable for upright, horizontal, angled or wall mounting. 

Ideal air quality

In insulated homes, it is virtually impossible to create a healthy indoor climate using window ventilation day and night, in both summer and winter. HomeVent comfort ventilation users filtering and humidity recovery to ensure that the air is fresh and hygienic at all times.

Virtually silent

Compared with conventional ventilation systems, Hoval HomeVent is exceptionally quiet in operation. It achieves this using sound-absorbing elements. Used air is exchanged for fresh air almost silently, even at night when everyone is asleep.


Whether it’s the energy-saving drive, effective fans or state-of-the-art heat exchanger, sophisticated technology reduces your energy requirements. The heat recovery function helps HomeVent to save 15 times more heating energy than the system uses during operation.

Once you have experienced a residential ventilation system, you won’t be able to imagine life without it.
Josef Helm
Owner of a single-family home in Upper Austria

How does Hoval comfort ventilation work?

The used air (extract air) is extracted from rooms in which water is used, such as the kitchen, bathroom and WC, and directed to the comfort ventilation. At the heart of HomeVent residential ventilation is the heat and humidity recovery, in which the heat from the extract air is transmitted to the fresh, filtered outdoor air. Approximately 85% of the heat is recovered in this process, as well as the water molecules contained in the air. In this way, heat and air humidity – which is important for a healthy indoor climate – are retained. In separate ducts, the ventilation system directs the used air outside (exhaust air). The fresh air (supply air) heated by HomeVent is supplied to the living, working and sleeping areas via a distribution system with discreet ventilation grilles.

Hoval uses an intuitive control system: TopTronic E. Via the touchscreen in the living room or the app, you can control your HomeVent comfort ventilation as well as all systems for heating and water heating from Hoval.

With comfort ventilation from Hoval, valuable heating energy stays inside the home.

Comfort ventilation: hype, luxury or necessity?

Buildings that are ever more airtight may save energy, but modern houses are so well insulated that the natural exchange of air is not sufficient to ensure an ideal indoor climate. To ensure the indoor climate stays healthy, you would have to ventilate the house every two hours – even at night and in winter! Comfort ventilation provides a constant supply of fresh air to the building, while also drawing in the used air from the rooms. In doing so, it evens out the air humidity and recovers heat. The amount of heating energy saved is many times higher than the amount of electricity used in the comfort ventilation. The windows can be opened but this is not essential, which brings multiple benefits: heat or cold stays outside, as do any disruptive traffic noise, pollen and insects. 

Comfort ventilation: just hype or pure necessity?

Breathe freely – constant fresh air and ideal air humidity

For a healthy indoor climate, a relative air humidity of 40 to 60% is ideal. Breathing, cooking, showering or drying laundry release litres of humidity, as can be seen in misty windows and mirrors. A high level of air humidity in an airtight new building can even lead to mould forming – with negative consequences for both health and building structures. If a building is ventilated regularly in winter, the air dries out significantly. HomeVent comfort ventilation from Hoval uses a humidity sensor and enthalpy heat exchanger for humidity and heat recovery to effectively even out the humidity in your living spaces and keep it at a constant level.

HomeVent circulates the air every 2 hours – due to high-quality air filters, unwanted guests such as insects, fine dust, fungal spores, pollen and pollutants are kept outside. What’s more, the ideal air humidity reduces the circulation of dust particles in the air and the continuous exchange of air conveys dust outside.

HomeVent – ventilate your home today. With the residential ventilation system of the future.

HomeVent ER – the most efficient ventilation unit on the market

HomeVent ER incorporates more than 20 years of expertise and experience in indoor climate technology. Whether it’s a powerful enthalpy heat exchanger, optimised fans with 3D blade geometry for reduced electricity consumption or the finest pollen filters boasting class ePM1 55% – every single component counts. Through continuous work, the ER unit series has become more powerful, efficient and compact. Particularly when it comes to efficiency, HomeVent ER achieves values that are unparalleled in this size class in the industry. 
HomeVent ER is available in three unit types ranging from 200 to more than 400 m³/h, which means they are suitable for any size of living space. Due to their narrow and compact design, they offer numerous installation options – upright, horizontal, wall-mounted or angled – to ensure maximum flexibility.

HomeVent comfort FRT – the unit with a special twist

This special twist is the sound insulation, which is connected to the HomeVent comfort FRT comfort ventilation as a box: depending on the spatial and local conditions, the ventilation ducts for outdoor air, supply air, extract air and exhaust air may need to be arranged differently on top of the unit – so that they do not get in your way during installation. But it is not only this twist that gives HomeVent comfort FRT its reputation as a space-saving unit: as it is only 560 mm wide, it can fit in a standard EU cabinet. The unit can then be placed directly on the floor with its four ventilation ducts on top or positioned on the wall like the HomeVent ER. 
The virtually silent and incredibly flexible HomeVent comfort FRT is available in three output classes: a small model for single-family homes up to 250 m3/h, the medium-sized model for up to 350 m3/h and the most powerful model for larger buildings up to 450 m3/h.

Is funding available for comfort ventilation?

There are numerous sources of funding for energy-efficient building technology. Various financial support options in the form of residential building subsidies are available for residential ventilation systems at federal state level. For an up-to-date overview of all funding available, plus the requirements and example costings, please visit...

Enjoy 3, 6 or 12 years’ peace of mind with the warranty packages from Hoval.

Enjoy an all-round feeling of comfort with the Hoval warranty packages

The Hoval customer service team inspects the status and optimises the settings of your residential ventilation. A regular professional check – carried out by highly qualified technicians – will ensure your ventilation system is running correctly and provide you with the peace of mind you need on a daily basis. As well as saving energy and money, regular maintenance also helps to prevent faults and extend your residential ventilation system’s service life – another contribution to a sustainable indoor climate system.

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