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Carbon neutral heating at Pride Park

Carbon neutral heating at Pride Park

The 600kW Hoval STU boiler, manufactured in Newark, has been supplied in a skid-mounted configuration that includes pumps, fans and fuel delivery augers.

  • School & Sports Venue
  • Renovation
  • Biomass

It also features the FlameTronix control system, which ensures optimal wood pellet combustion resulting in ‘best in class’ efficiencies of 92% as well as ‘best in class’ particulate emissions.

The FlameTronix controller also enables live interaction, showing the amount of carbon that has been saved. This information can be displayed in the reception area and conference room.

The STU boiler qualifies for the Renewable Heat Incentive and RHI payments are expected to exceed £600,000 through the period of the grant. Pitch heating is provided by a separate natural gas fired Hoval SR-Plus boiler.

In addition, Derby County has installed a 110kW Hoval BioLyt wood pellet boiler at its Moor Park training ground, where it is integrated with solar thermal heating.