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Energy Strategy: Efficiency and Air Hygiene

Energy Strategy: Efficiency and Air Hygiene

In the Waser district in Winterthur, the Energy Strategy 2050 and the foreseeable need to renovate old oil heating systems became an incentive to initiate a heating plant with a heating network, which can be successively expanded.

  • District Heating
  • New Building
  • Gas

In the first stage of construction of the central heating system with integrated heating system, the client is already relying on efficient Hoval condensing boiler technology. The UltraGas (1700D) double boiler meets various requirements: low consumption, low-emission combustion thanks to the Ultraclean surface burner, natural gas or biogas operation, high thermal comfort by taking into account the outside temperature and low maintenance requirements.

Savings potential of 2500 tons of CO₂ per year

Most of the customers of the heating network are very interested in a more environmentally friendly overall solution for the district. In some cases, individually planned heating renovations have already been postponed in order to be able to join the association: all the more reason to push ahead with the project quickly. It has been proven that the central production of local heating makes more sense than the operation of individual heating systems in the various buildings. Planning, operation and maintenance can thus be significantly optimized and the total CO₂ emissions can be reduced by 2500 t/a.