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Gas heating. Efficient, with a range of combinations available.

When you opt for a new gas heating system, you are choosing a particularly economical method of heating. Regardless of whether you want to install a wall-mounted boiler or a freestanding boiler, all Hoval models contain state-of-the-art condensing technology. Never heard of “condensing technology”? This helps you to save money, as it ensures that the energy contained in the exhaust gas does not get lost. 

Wall-mounted boilers from Hoval require only a small amount of space and are so quiet they can even be mounted in the living area. Their compact design means they are quick and exceptionally simple to install as part of a renovation project. The floor-mounted gas boiler, meanwhile, is housed in a boiler room and impresses with its reliability and power. The integrated AluFer heat exchanger ensures a long service life and particularly economical operation. Used in combination with renewable energy sources such as a heat pump, pellets or solar, you will save on heating costs, while also protecting the environment.

Lean solution

Low procurement costs, minimal space requirements, simple integration: in an upright or wall-mounted position, the lean gas heating system requires no fuel storage area or buffer storage tank.


Powerful and energy-efficient: the proven gas condensing boiler provides a comfortable level of heat for the heating system and domestic hot water based on requirements, even in freezing temperatures.

Environmentally friendly combinations

Gas condensing boilers from Hoval are ideal for combination with renewable energy sources and are suitable for alternative operation with biomethane and hydrogen.

The Hoval customer service team is highly skilled, reliable and friendly. I’m more than satisfied with my new gas heating system.
Susanne Hammer
Owner of a single-family home in Kärnten

What does condensing technology mean in the context of gas heating?

Condensing technology is an efficient technology that can make much better use of the energy, thereby conserving resources and protecting the environment. Condensing technology makes use of a crucial element – condensation: the heating gas contains steam, which stores large quantities of latent energy. When the steam cools to below 57°C, it becomes liquid (i.e. it condenses) and releases this energy. With condensing technology, the heating gas is cooled from 1000°C to as little as 40°C and transfers all of its heat energy to the heating. When using older gas boilers with much higher flue gas temperatures of approx. 200°C, a lot of the heat energy escapes unused via the chimney. Compared to these conventional low-temperature boilers, the gas condensing boiler achieves additional energy gains of up to 20%.

Condensing technology in detail.

Bivalent heating system: a heat pump combined with gas condensing technology.

By using regenerative gas and sophisticated system combinations, gas heating systems can provide clean heat in an ecological way. Gas heating should offer high efficiency and be suitable for operation with renewable gas – just like all Hoval models are. 
Alongside renewable gas, hybrid systems offer the option to use gas condensing boilers for ecological heating. Bivalent heating systems – such as a heat pump combined with gas condensing technology – are being increasingly used. In systems of this type, an air/water heat pump used in between seasons can cover up to 80% of the annual heat demand. As soon as outdoor temperatures turn very cold, the gas condensing boiler provides a comfortable level of heat. As such, every heat generator always operates in its most efficient range.
A standard system controller, such as the Hoval TopTronic E, ensures optimal interaction between all components.

Bivalent heating system: a heat pump combined with gas condensing technology.

Are there any alternatives to natural gas?

Natural gas is coming under increasing pressure as an energy source – not least as a result of recent political developments. In addition, legal requirements are demanding green alternatives. In the future, regenerative, gaseous fuels will make up an ever larger share of our gas networks – this is referred to as the admixture of so-called green gas or biogas. Gas condensing units from Hoval are already able to be operated with up to 100% green gas – and Hoval is also preparing for the admixture of hydrogen. Austrians can continue to rely on the stable operation of their Hoval heating systems. The production of biogas involves recycling waste and residual materials in a useful and ecological way. Biogas is carbon neutral and helps reduce greenhouse gases. As an added green benefit, if we blend 48% biogas with conventional natural gas, the CO₂ emissions of a gas condensing boiler are at the same level as those of a heat pump.

All Hoval gas heating systems are suitable for operation with renewable gas.

Biogas is reducing the dependence on imported natural gas – making gas condensing boilers an option that is fit for the future.
Michael Huber
Gas Product Market Manager


Upgrading a heating system ahead of time brings many advantages – a high level of reliability, reduced energy consumption and lower heating costs.

Can an old or broken gas heating system be replaced with a new gas boiler?

Your existing gas boiler is at the end of its service life but you still want to use your gas connection? Many people are uncertain if they are still allowed to install a gas boiler. It is obviously possible to rely on gas when renovating a single-family home. When replacing the boiler, you need to ensure that the new condensing boiler can also operate with regenerative gas (biomethane and hydrogen) so that you are ready for the greener gas networks of the future. A combination with a renewable energy source, such as solar, pellets or a heat pump, is also recommended – this is known as “renewable ready”. Your local Hoval partner company will be happy to advise you and is familiar with the regional stipulations for heating renovations. Find out why upgrading your heating system is always worth it.

TopGas. Outstanding durability in a compact design.

Wall-mounted gas condensing boiler.

Wall-mounted gas units require little space and have a low weight while being easy to bring into position. They can easily be mounted on the wall anywhere, increasing valuable floor space. In balanced flue operation, flexible positioning of this very quiet unit is possible. Wall-mounted gas condensing boilers from Hoval are supplied fully assembled and can be installed quickly without any issues. These compact units will fit through any doorway and staircase, making them especially practical for renovations. In the TopGas series, Hoval offers a wide range of wall-mounted gas condensing boilers – from the TopGas classic basic unit to the easy-to-use solution with TopGas comfort system controller to integrated water heating with the TopGas combi.

UltraGas (15-35). For high demands.

Floor-mounted gas condensing boiler.

The Hoval UltraGas is a perfect system boiler in combination with alternative energy sources. With its large water capacity, its design enables a buffer storage function to be implemented for better cost-effectiveness. As it is so compact, the boiler is easy to bring into position in the boiler room, including during renovations. The perfect interaction of high-quality components and high efficiency will ensure reliable and energy-efficient operation over many years. For more than 20 years, the UltraGas series from Hoval has set standards in the field of floor-mounted gas condensing boilers. The UltraGas is ideally equipped for the future as it is suitable for use with regenerative gases such as biomethane.

Enjoy an all-round feeling of comfort with the Hoval warranty packages

The Hoval customer service team inspects the status and optimises the settings of your system. A regular professional check – carried out by highly qualified technicians – will ensure your heating system is running correctly and provide you with the peace of mind you need on a daily basis. As well as saving energy and money, regular maintenance also helps to prevent faults and extend your system’s service life – another contribution to a sustainable heating system.

Enjoy 3, 6 or 12 years’ peace of mind with the warranty packages from Hoval.