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Gas heating. Efficient solution for commercial use.

The high degree of efficiency and the wide range of possible combinations make gas heating systems a particularly economical type of heating. All models from Hoval feature state-of-the-art condensing technology which helps you to save money, as the energy contained in the exhaust gas does not get lost. The floor-mounted gas condensing boiler impresses with its reliability, power and compact dimensions. The integrated heat exchangers guarantee economical operation and a long service life.
When you choose a gas heating system from Hoval, you are also ideally equipped for the future, as our solutions are already configured to run on 100% biomethane, also known as green gas, as well as hydrogen blend. 

A secure investment

A success story spanning more than 20 years from the Hoval UltraGas series. The use of high-quality materials allows the series to demonstrate impressive durability.


Powerful and energy-efficient yet featuring compact dimensions: the proven gas condensing boiler is easy to transport. A great solution, even when space is limited.


Gas condensing boilers from Hoval are already configured for alternative operation with biomethane and are suitable hydrogen blend. Ideal in combination with renewable energy sources such as a heat pump.

As a landlord, it is essential that we provide heating and hot water in our commercial buildings at all times. With the UltraGas 2 it is possible.
Ferhat Harnuboglu
Facility Manager, Kimba GmbH

Condensing technology for a gas heating system

State-of-the-art condensing technology conserves resources and protects the environment, as it is able to make much better use of the energy deployed. The magic word here is “condensation”: huge quantities of latent energy are stored in the steam of the heating gas. If the steam cools to below 57°C, it assumes a liquid state and releases energy. With the condensing technology method, the heating gas is cooled from 1000°C to as little as 40°C and transfers all of the heat energy to the heating system. Compared to conventional low-temperature boilers, which see a lot of the heat energy escape unused via the chimney, the gas condensing boiler achieves additional energy gains of up to 20%.

Condensing technology in detail.

Ecological heating with regenerative gases and bivalent heating systems

Gas heating systems can also provide sustainable and future-proof heating thanks to sophisticated system combinations and the use of regenerative gas. When choosing your future solution, you should make sure that it is suitable for operation with renewable gas and, later on, hydrogen, and that it demonstrates a high level of efficiency. All models from Hoval already meet these criteria today.

Hybrid systems are another option for using gas condensing boilers for ecological heating. These systems consist of a combination of gas condensing technology and renewable energy sources, such as a heat pump, pellet heating system or solar plant, and are known as bivalent heating systems. In between seasons, the combination of a gas condensing boiler and an air/water heat pump can cover up to 80% of the annual heat demand. As such, every heat generator operates in its most efficient range, protecting the environment and saving money.

A standard system controller, such as the Hoval TopTronic E, ensures optimal interaction between all components.

Bivalent heating system consisting of UltraGas gas condensing boiler and BioLyt pellet heating system from Hoval.

Fit for a future powered by green gas and hydrogen

The proportion of regenerative, gaseous fuels in gas networks is set to rise, and the use of hydrogen as an energy source will also become more important in the future.

Biomethane, also known as green gas, has the same characteristics as natural gas. However, it is produced sustainably by fermenting biogenic waste. This could be kitchen waste, damaged timber, sewage sludge or manure. Through a special treatment process, raw biogas is upgraded to biomethane, which can then be fed into existing gas networks straightaway. In order to heat with biomethane, it is not necessary to change the unit.

During combustion, hydrogen releases almost nothing except steam. It is the production process, and specifically how the power was generated for electrolysis, that decides how environmentally friendly the resulting fuel is. If higher proportions of hydrogen are added to the natural gas in the gas networks in future, the burner concepts we rely on in gas condensing boilers today will have to be adapted. 

Power-to-gas: since it is not currently possible to fully switch over to hydrogen, public networks remain reliant on methane. The power-to-gas process (P2G) is another way of producing methane regeneratively. First of all, hydrogen is produced from renewable energy. A chemical process synthesises this hydrogen into methane using the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere. This methane then has the same characteristics as natural gas and is also suitable for gas heating systems.

Hoval gas condensing boilers are already equipped for the ongoing energy transition from gas to biomethane and for a hydrogen-powered future.

Megawatt power with cascades up to 12 MW

Whether an application involves a shopping centre or a power station, it always requires sophisticated and reliable technology in order to run seamlessly, cost-effectively and in a way that is environmentally friendly. Even when it comes to megawatt applications, Hoval is on hand with a solution. The TopTronic E system controller allows up to 8 gas condensing boilers to be connected and centrally controlled in a cascade. When combined with the UltraGas 2, cascades of up to 12 MW are possible. Low gas and electricity consumption ensure low energy costs and thus rapid amortisation. System resilience if an issue occurs and a high level of planning flexibility represent further advantages of a cascade configuration.

A cascade solution ensures flexibility and a high level of system resilience.

Floor-mounted gas condensing boilers.

UltraGas (35-100). For high demands.

The Hoval UltraGas is a perfect system boiler in combination with alternative energy sources such as heat pumps or solar plants. It increases the cost-effectiveness of the overall system by meeting demand peaks for heating and domestic hot water and acts as a buffer with its large water capacity. The perfect interaction of high-quality components and high efficiency will ensure reliable, long-term and energy-efficient operation. As it requires so little space, the boiler is easy to bring into position in the boiler room, including during renovations. 

For more than 20 years, the UltraGas series from Hoval has set standards in the field of floor-mounted gas condensing boilers. The latest generation of the UltraGas is suitable for regenerative gases such as biomethane and is equipped for the admixture of hydrogen, making it ideally placed to meet the requirements of the future.

UltraGas 2 (125-1550). Proven technology with an added extra.

For more than 20 years, the UltraGas has impressed users around the world due to its durability and cost-effectiveness. The new UltraGas 2 gas condensing boiler also meets the highest demands: compared to a conventional gas boiler, the increased efficiency enables energy savings of up to 20%. Technical innovations such as the specially developed heating surface or the use of separate high-temperature and low-temperature returns increase efficiency and reduce gas consumption. The innovative Hoval TurboFer heat exchanger allows for operating temperatures of up to 95°C. 

The compact dimensions of the UltraGas 2 make transport easier, including when replacing the boiler in existing buildings. It scores highly when it comes to integration in the heating system with its large water capacity and simple, space-saving installation. 

The UltraGas 2 is equipped for the ongoing energy transition from gas to biomethane and for a hydrogen-powered future.

UltraGas 2 D (250-3100). Megawatt power – as standard.

The UltraGas 2 double boiler is the ideal solution for properties with very high required outputs for heating and domestic hot water. Two boilers communicate via their TopTronic E controller so that heat generation can be separated effectively in economical partial load operation. This reduces consumption and emissions while extending the service life. Double boilers have been designed to work as one functional unit with a shared flue gas line. If one boiler fails, the other maintains operational safety. For renovations in particular, the simple hydraulic integration into the overall system and the minimal space required are major plus points. If the system controller is connected to the internet via HovalConnect, the building technology team can monitor and control the system remotely. The HovalSupervisor control software helps to operate several different systems efficiently and safely.

Enjoy an all-round feeling of comfort

Hoval service contracts are designed to suit your site's requirements and budget. Our service plans protect your investment and allow you to benefit from a safe, reliable heating system. Our comprehensive service network means we always have experts exactly where they are needed. If your heating system is running correctly, you will save energy and money. Regular maintenance will prevent faults and extend your equipment's service life – another contribution to a sustainable heating system.