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Hoval are now ISO 14001 certified

Hoval are now ISO 14001 certified

Hoval Ltd has been awarded ISO 14001 accreditation for its environmental management system, which helps the company to understand and minimise its environmental impact.

As such, it guides Hoval in reducing waste and using resources more efficiently, as well as meeting the environmental expectations of customers.

Hoval Quality Manager Rebecca Shearring observed: “Hoval has a long history of managing our assets in an environmentally responsible way. ISO 14001 accreditation provides independent verification of these efforts and reassures customers they are working with an environmentally conscious company.

“Through our ongoing product development programmes, we also help customers minimise their environmental impact through the efficient performance of our products. This is evidenced by the recently launched UltraGas 2 range of condensing boilers,” she added.

Hoval’s UltraGas 2 range incorporates a number of energy-saving features, compared to other condensing boilers. 

These include a new TurboFer heat exchanger design, high and low temperature return flow, a large water capacity, the Ultraclean combustion system and the TopTronic E system controller. They are also designed for easy integration into mixed heating systems using a range of heat sources.



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