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Hoval confirms CHP compliance EREC G99

Hoval confirms CHP compliance EREC G99

Hoval has confirmed that its PowerBloc EG43 to EG530 and EG12-EG20 combined heat and power units are fully compliant with the Engineering Recommendation (EREC) G99 standard.

EREC G99, issued by the Energy Networks Association, ensures harmonised network standards (Requirements for Generators) are incorporated into Great Britain’s distribution and grid codes for CHP and other power generators with capacities between 0.8kW and 1MW.

Consequently, specifiers can be assured that Hoval’s G99-compliant PowerBloc CHP units meet all of the technical parameters and considerations relating to connection to the networks of licensed electricity distribution businesses throughout Great Britain.

Hoval’s Ian Dagley commented: “Onsite power generation with CHP as part of the energy mix is set to make a major distribution to the ‘greening’ of the UK’s grid electricity. It will also help end users reduce their energy costs and dependence on the national grid. The assurance that G99 compliance brings, therefore, will make an essential contribution to meeting the UK’s carbon reduction targets.”

Hoval PowerBloc CHP units provide high efficiency local power and heat generation with minimal emissions, delivering combined efficiencies of over 90% at optimal output. They feature fully automatic control, including synchronisation with the main distribution network, as well as simple BMS integration for full external control and monitoring.

Hoval PowerBloc units are supplied pre-assembled; skid-mounted or containerised for simple and quick installation. They should be combined with Hoval thermal stores to optimise operating efficiencies in low load conditions.

For more information about our CHP units and the ENA type test register click here.



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