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How myHoval Works > Delivery

Where can I find the delivery note for an order?

The delivery note is located directly within the respective order.

  1. Click on 'Orders & Invoices' in your myHoval account overview.
  2. Select the respective order.
  3. The delivery note can be found as a PDF under the section 'Additional Documents'.
When is the delivery scheduled for an appointment-based order?
  • For an appointment-based order, the goods are automatically delivered on the date specified in the order confirmation.
At what time will the delivery take place?
  • By default, delivery is scheduled throughout the day between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
Is same-day delivery available after placing an order?
  • Deliveries on the same day as the order are not possible due to logistical reasons.
Is next-day delivery available after placing an order?
  • Whether delivery is possible the day after the order depends on the time of ordering. If the order is received by us by 10 a.m., and depending on stock availability, we can guarantee delivery on the next working day. Delivery will take place throughout the day.
What is an express delivery?
  • For an additional fee, delivery on the next working day is possible up to a certain time. There are two possible time slots: delivery by 12 p.m. and delivery by 4 p.m. The additional fee can only be provided upon request, as it is calculated individually and depends on the weight and number of pallets.
When is the delivery scheduled for a call-off order?
The delivery of a call-off order does not occur automatically. You must explicitly request the delivery from your respective Regional Centre. Please provide the order number and commission when doing so.
Delivery to different addresses
  • Delivery to different addresses is possible. Please indicate this during the purchasing process in the shopping basket under shipping details. You need to select the items with the different delivery address and then specify or select the additional delivery address.
Additional delivery information

For efficient delivery, we require:

  • A telephone number for the delivery notification from the courier
  • The name of the on-site contact person
  • The desired time for express delivery