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How myHoval Works > Orders & Invoices

Why can't I download the order confirmation?

After we have reviewed your order internally, the status of the order will change from 'Entered' to 'Confirmed'. Only from this point on will all associated documents be available in your myHoval account.

Where can I find the other documents for an order (ErP label, system technology, commissioning requirement, delivery note, etc.)?

Select the desired order in the order overview. As soon as the status is 'Confirmed', you will find the further documents directly below the 'Order confirmation' button.

Where can I find the invoice for an order?

Select the order in the order overview. Once the status is 'Partially Invoiced' or 'Completed', you will find the invoice directly below the 'Order Confirmation' button.

What does the status mean when ordering?

An order can be in one of the following statuses:

Recorded: The order is saved in your myHoval account and in our system.

Confirmed: Your order has been internally verified by us.

Partially delivered: At least one item from your order has been delivered.

Delivered: Your order has been completely delivered.

Partially invoiced: In the case of a partial delivery, the delivered items have been invoiced.

Completed: The entire order has been completed and invoiced.

Cancelled: The order has been cancelled.

What is a Technical Site Address?

The Technical Site Address is the address of the end customer where the products are being used or will be put into operation.

Why is there no 'Buy' button in the shopping basket?

There are products in the shopping basket that cannot (yet) be ordered or for which there is only a price on request. The affected products in the shopping basket are marked with a notice. If you remove these products from the shopping basket and recalculate the basket, the 'Buy' button will appear.

What does preferred delivery date mean?

It refers to a specific date on which the products will be delivered to the specified delivery address. In this case, the delivery will occur automatically, requiring no further action.

What does on-demand delivery date mean?

This refers to a provisional date when the products are likely to be required. Hoval does not automatically deliver; you must request call-off orders separately from your Hoval Regional Centre. Please ensure you always provide the order number, reference, and any additional delivery information (telephone number) when making these requests.

Where can I find the IGH data

You can find the documents for IGH data in the 'Services' section. IGH- und BIM Data.