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How myHoval Works > Shopping Basket

What is a shopping basket template?
  • A shopping basket template offers you benefits when creating quotes or orders. You can save frequently used components as templates in your myHoval account. You can add shopping basket templates to your basket with a single click and then make adjustments as needed. You can use shopping basket templates for both quotes and orders.

What is the difference between a quote and a shopping basket template?
When you create a shopping basket template, it is exclusively available in your myHoval account. While you can see your agreed prices in the basket, these files are not stored in our system. Shopping basket templates do not have numbers; they only have the names you assign to them. Our Hoval staff cannot assist with questions about shopping basket templates because we cannot see the items associated with these documents. The significant advantage of shopping basket templates is that you can continue to edit and correct them at any time. Quotes are not only in your myHoval account but also in our system. Therefore, our staff can provide information and assistance regarding quotes at any time. The disadvantage of quotes currently lies in the inability to make changes afterwards. For that, you need to contact your Hoval contact person.