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Pellet heating. Efficient and carbon-neutral heating with pellets.

If you’re looking for intelligent heating, you’ll find that and more at Hoval.

Biomass is regarded as a valuable resource when it comes to the carbon-neutral future of heating. Pellets based on natural wood waste are a renewable, sustainable energy source from providers in the region and offer a high security of supply. The pellet boiler generates heating energy through the efficient combustion of wood pellets. Heating with biomass is climate-friendly as it is carbon neutral: when wood is combusted, the amount of CO2 released is equal to the amount that the tree previously absorbed from the atmosphere. This makes biomass a genuine alternative to fossil fuels, particularly when renovating existing, older heating systems. When switching from heating oil to a renewable form of energy, pellet heating is ideal for renovations: the old oil-fired boiler is replaced by a state-of-the-art pellet boiler, and the space that was taken up by the oil tanks is re-purposed as a pellet storage area. Pellet heating can easily supply an existing radiator circuit with the necessary heat.


Biomass is a reliable source of heat and domestic hot water. Lighting and stoking a fire is a thing of the past: pellet heating supplies a high level of heat and comfort in a fully automatic way. The lower the outdoor temperature, the higher the output.


Pellets are made from renewable, local wood, with a low amount of energy required for production and transportation. The supply is secure, and combustion is regarded as carbon neutral – for sustainable heating.


Hoval pellet boilers supply clean heat and domestic hot water – with emission levels that are well below limit values. What’s more, it offers excellent efficiency of up to 95% even at high heating temperatures. Compatible – ideal for new buildings and renovations.

The pellets market recorded growth of 46 per cent last year. And the high sales figures are continuing.
Fabian Burkhalter, Hoval Product Manager

What are pellets? What do you need to consider when using wood pellets?

Pellets are a modern, natural and regionally available fuel made from sawdust and wood shavings. Byproducts from the wood processing sector are mainly used to produce pellets. The materials are scrap wood that would not be able to be used for anything other than being turned into pellets. The pellet production process is generally subject to strict regulations. This is the only way to ensure that heating with biomass functions smoothly and with maximum energy efficiency. 

Anyone who is looking for a pellet heating system is sure to find the right solution at Hoval.

How does pellet heating work?

In principle, pellet heating systems work like conventional heating systems with fossil fuels. However, the difference is that pellet heating systems produce carbon-neutral heat and the pellets are transported to the boiler by means of a vacuum conveyor or auger. The pellet storage area is usually located where the oil or LPG tank was previously housed. Generally, any space can be converted into a pellet storage area and Hoval offers numerous and custom solutions. It goes without saying that pellet heating systems operate to the latest standards – including remote control, weather data usage and ultimate comfort and convenience. Homeowners who use pellets for their heating generally don’t notice that wood is the energy source. Precise planning and dimensioning is required to ensure that comfort is maintained, the heating system runs efficiently and energy costs are kept at a low level. Please do not hesitate to contact Hoval – we’ll be delighted to provide you with free, no-obligation assistance. 

STU - Wood pellet boiler

The STU wood pellet boiler from Hoval demonstrates how efficient and easy to use a heating system with biomass can be. The STU is a modulating high efficiency skid mounted commercial wood pellet boiler fitted with external stoker and fuel pick-up system. The STU ranges from 200kW to 975kW. A flexi-worm feed screw is available to connect to storage facilities as an alternative if required.

  • Low emissions due to burning renewable wood fuel
  • Versatile operation 
  • Simple maintenance

Enjoy an all-round feeling of comfort

Hoval service contracts are designed to suit your site's requirements and budget. Our service plans protect your investment and allow you to benefit from a safe, reliable heating system. Our comprehensive service network means we always have experts exactly where they are needed. If your heating system is running correctly, you will save energy and money. Regular maintenance will prevent faults and extend your equipment's service life – another contribution to a sustainable heating system.