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Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa

Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa

Pennyhill Park, an Exclusive Hotel & Spa, was first built in 1849, where it served as the home of James Hodges, an accomplished civil engineer. It was then improved in the 1880s to add an Orangery, and again in 1903, and 1935.

  • Hotel
  • Renovation
  • Gas

Since 1972 it has served as a hotel, and is now part of the Exclusive Hotel and venues collectionPennyhill Park has gone on to win a multitude of awards, from Residential Spa of the Year 2015, to the Bronze Award for the Best Large Hotel in 2015. Most recently it won the AA Eco Hotel Group of the Year 2015-16 and Hotel of the Year 2016 awarded by The Cateys.

The stunning, ivy-coated hotel is located on 123 acres of land, just 12 miles away from Windsor Castle.

Since 2015, Hoval have been the proud boiler suppliers for the hotel, providing heating and hot water to its’ 123 rooms, a high-end Michelin Star restaurant, the stylish Brasserie and Ascot Bar, as well as the 8 swimming pools on offer in the hotel’s spa, in the form of one of our UltraGas boilers.