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Pinewood Studios

Pinewood Studios

Hoval have provided heating and hot water to the entire studios since 2013, in the form of two of our UltraGas 200D boilers.

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Pinewood Studios, the home of a multitude of TV shows and films, James Bond, and Hoval Boilers.

It is located in Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England. Alongside its main stages, the studio also has two specialist TV studios, named TV One and TV Two, complete with integral galleries, TV studio floors, TV lighting grids and SD or HD facilities which are just under 9,000 sq ft. in size.

The 007 stage located at Pinewood is the largest stage at any of the Pinewood Group at 59,000 sq ft. A huge fire previously destroyed the stage rendering it unfit for purpose, and the entire building had to be re-built. Hoval have provided boilers for both the current studio as well as the studios destroyed by the fire.

Once it was rebuilt - the stage was re-named Albert R. Broccoli’s 007 Stage, and has gone on to accomodate many large productions such as Prince of Persia and Mamma Mia. Alongside the 007 stage are fifteen other stages, starting at just 1,728 sq ft, to cater for smaller productions and TV filming.

In 2012, Pinewood paid tribute to the late Richard Attenbrough by naming a purpose-built film and television stage after him. The Richard Attenborough Stage has an area of 30,000 sq ft, and it stands opposite the production block named after Stanley Kubrick.

As well as providing heating to the many many sq ft of buildings, Hoval also provides hot water for Pinewood Studios’ extensive water filming facilities; the Underwater Stage and the Exterior Tank.