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Responsibility for energy and environment

Corporate Responsibility

Energy efficiency and alternative energy sources are at the centre of our corporate development – not only helping to save you money and sparing raw materials, but even more, protecting  our environment. 

We design our heating and ventilation systems with complete awareness of our responsibilities to the climate.

Environmental policy

Responsibility for energy and environment is a long-standing tradition at Hoval and the primary driving force behind our thoughts and actions. Indoor climate and world climate are in an ever-changing relationship. 
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System technology

Large buildings such as supermarkets and high-rises, but also smaller structures like nursery schools and offices, usually rely on a multitude of components for heating, cooling and ventilation. Combining these into an intelligent network creates a kind of ecosystem that makes optimal use of energy.
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Life cycle

Hoval does everything to ensure consistently cost-effective operation. Efficiency is the key. With cutting-edge developments, Hoval ensures that its products are among the most efficient of their kind.
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Responsibility as an employer: the idea of family

With approximately 2,200 employees, Hoval is not a large company but rather a large, globally-minded and active family. Hoval works with passion, character, commitment and enthusiasm to make our customers enthusiastic about our practical solutions and products.

Grow with us!

We have excellent Hoval "family" members. The quality of our employees is crucial to our success; they make up our performance. They are characterised by: Ability to work in teams and projects, loyalty, willingness to perform and a high level of personal responsibility, professional competence, openness to change - flexibility, willingness to innovate and learn.

Accordingly, Hoval also bears a significant responsibility as an employer. We recruit and develop our employees on the basis of their skills, performance and potential. We give our employees the opportunity to grow with us as part of a team, to develop themselves and to shape their careers within the Hoval Group in the long term.

Alongside quality, the health, well-being and social security of our employees are also among our great concerns. In a challenging environment, Hoval offers its employees fair employment conditions and a committed social partnership.

YANA: four letters with a clear and warm message - You Are Not Alone

To reach out a hand to others, to offer advice, encouragement, support, instruction - simply to be there or to provide active assistance. In the 20 years since the establishment of the foundation in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, this has proved an ideal way to help the poorest of the poor in Eastern Europe.

Creating perspectives and hope

The aid projects and children's homes which have been set up in Romania offer hope and a perspective for the future.  Antonia Frick, founder and Chairwoman of the YANA, foundation is often overwhelmed by the gratitude and joy of the people whom the YANA team have been able to help. And Hoval supports the foundation, because we spread warmth not only in a practical sense, with heating systems, but above all by caring, by taking the initiative and assuming responsibility for others. The word responsibility is part of the Hoval claim "Responsibility for energy and environment" and thus a keyword and a heartfelt commitment which acquires an extended significance through YANA