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Siemens Blade Factory

Siemens Blade Factory

In recent years, the United Kingdom has developed large offshore wind farms as a way of producing renewable energy.

  • Warehouse & Logistics Center
  • New Building
  • Indoor Climate System

The construction of components for these wind turbines requires infrastructures adapted to suit these dimensions. For example, an offshore wind turbine blade has a length of 75 meters.

The new Siemens Green Port Manufacturing Facility in Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom, has a total area of nearly 40,000 m2 and represents an investment of £310 million. The manufacture, storage and distribution of wind turbine components are provided from this site, which is located on the docks of the Humber River, providing direct access to the North Sea.

The first batch of blades came out of factory in September 2016.

In 2015, Siemens Blade Factory selected Hoval to be the supplier of ventilation and heating products. Due to the large area of the factory, a number of decentralized ventilation units were required, and due to the large openings of the building, the mechanical introduction of fresh air was not necessary.

A total of 36 decentralised ventilation units were used in the factory, these comprised:

  • 4x TopVent DHV-6/B,
  • 2x TopVent NHV-6/B
  • 1x TopVent HV-3
  • 2x TopVent DHV-6/B
  • 6x TopVent DHV-6/B
  • 6x TopVent DHV-6/B
  • 3x TopVent DHV-6/A
  • 4x TopVent DHV-6/A
  • 4x TopVent DHV-6/A
  • 4x TopVent DHV-6/A

As for the heating, both space heating and process heat requirement for the entire production plant are provided by:

  • 4 Hoval  UltraGas 575 D Condensing boilers
  • 3 Hoval SR Plus 600 Boilers